Data is the oil of the 21st century. The challenge is to analyse it in depth and in real time to draw conclusions that will improve business performance. Big data and technology have opened a new path for organisations striving to grow and accomplish their goals in the global and local market. The determinant in today's world is the volume and speed with which data is generated and our ability to analyse it.

    Such is the volume of data generated today, that 90% of the world's data has been created over the past two years. Given this scenario, companies can no longer afford to disregard the business opportunities afforded by this vast wealth of information. No wonder then that increasing efforts are being directed at leveraging data science and big data.

Green Energy Efficiency

    Complex machines such as wind turbines have hundreds of moving parts, each with different lifetimes. Downtime is very expensive, often subject to stiff penalties due to regulation, and hence artificial intelligence that predicts and optimises maintenance plans greatly increases the efficiency and profitability of green energy, thus ensuring its competitiveness.

Early Warning for School Dropout

    Every year approximately 5% of students drop out of school. This is tragic for the student as he/she is often doomed to a life of poverty, as well as becoming a burden for society. We apply big data and machine-learning to predict which students are at risk of dropping out, thus facilitating timely rescue interventions.

Predict Daily Sales of Perishable Goods

   Perishable goods such as food must be sold within a very short time frame; otherwise they must be thrown away, resulting in heavy losses for the business. Our models predict daily demand, thus adjusting production to what will really be sold and hence minimising losses.

Predict Future Sales

   By applying time series we can predict your monthly sales for a year into the future with reasonable accuracy. This is very useful for planning inventory and investment.

Determine Price that Maximises Profit

   By determining the demand curve and price elasticity for each product, we give you the optimimum price that maximises sales or profits.

Fraud Detection

   Financial institutions and insurance companies incur losses due to fraudulent transactions and insurance claims. Our predictive models help detect fraud as well as assist in preventing them by screening potential customers.

Credit Scoring

  We score credit applications, screening those whose risk of default exceeds a specific threshold.


   Selecting candidates is a time-consuming and expensive task. We reduce this cost by leveraging artificial intelligence to pre-select candidates from thousands of job applications.

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