Our Clients and Success Stories

Developed BI application to automate the company financial statements.

Developed BI application that measures the performance and efficiency of the company's projects.

Developed and deployed econometric model that predicts future sales and dashboard that displays marketing metrics.

Developed various BI sales applications: "sellin" and "sellout" of cosmetics and health products.

Developed statistical models to predict the schoolchildren that are at greatest risk of dropping out of school, in order to carry out timely interventions. Improved previous model by 300%. Developed and deployed data warehouse and BI application to support public policies in education.

Designed balanced scorecard with metrics to measure progress of the government programme in reducing the digital divide, increasing competitiveness and quality of service of the telecommunications market, and lowering the price to the OECD average.

Strategic Alliances

Partnership process to implement IBM's artificial intelligence platform, in particular, Watson Cognitive Services.

Strategic partner specialising in recovery of critical historical data.

Consulting firm specialising in Business Process Management (BPM).

Institute of Industrial and Financial Analysis of the Complutense University of Madrid. Strategic collaboration agreement for the development of projects related to AI, Big Data and Predictive Modelling.

We leverage Microsoft's robust Azure cloud services to provide our clients with solutions that are secure and scalable for big data.

Associate for the development and implementation of projects related to IBM and Microsoft technology.

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