Predictive Modelling

Predictive Modelling

We develop predictive and prescriptive models and embed them in custom applications.

Experiencia en área de la salud.

Experiencia en área de la salud.

Desarrollamos soluciones para el ámbito de la salud y el mundo farmacológico.

Reportes predictivos periódicos.

Reportes predictivos periódicos.

Implementamos soluciones como servicio permanente y periódico.

Estudios en educación.

Estudios en educación.

Hemos desarrollado importantes proyectos en esta área.

Consultoría especializada.

Consultoría especializada.

Contamos con experiencia en gestión empresarial y políticas públicas.

Análisis y valorización

Análisis y valorización

Analizamos la información de las empresas y determinamos el valor de sus datos.

We are a professional consulting firm

specialising in data science and economics.

Our Services

We are a professional consulting firm specialising in data science and economics. We apply big data technology to help organisations increase their performance and productivity, and reduce costs.

We have 20 years of experience in data analysis and visualisation for a diverse range of companies, applying tools such as R and SQL.  

Data Science
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Real and guaranteed solutions for your business.
We accompany you every step of the way to the future of business.

We aim to provide innovative solutions in multiple fields, by means of accurate forecasting to support sound business decisions, and evidence-based recommendations for choosing the best actions that maximise expected value.

Prediction and Optimisation of Renewable Energy

Complex machines such as wind turbines have hundreds of moving parts, each with different lifetimes.

Early Warning for School Dropout

Every year approximately 5% of students drop out of school. This is tragic for the student...

Predict Daily Sales of Perishable Goods

Perishable goods such as food must be sold within a very short time frame; otherwise they must be thrown away,

Predict Future Sales

By applying time series we can predict your monthly sales for a year into the future with reasonable accuracy.

Fraud Detection

Financial institutions and insurance companies incur losses due to fraudulent transactions and insurance claims.

Determine Price that Maximises Profit

By determining the demand curve and price elasticity for each product, 

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